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If you are considering having a new home designed and built by the team at Chandler Design-Build you will want to know what to expect from the process. Every designer and builder does it a little differently. Here's the process we have evolved over the past 30 years.

The Design Process|The Construction Process

The Design Process

The design process we use at Chandler Design-Build starts with phone and E-mail communication. Our goal is to be efficient but un-hurried during the design process, so we generally assign prospective clients a fair amount of homework before the first meeting. We generally ask that you bring a good survey plat of your property, a map or county GIS print out showing the location of the site, a few digital photos of the site and of key furnishings and art work you will need to have fit in your new home. We also ask that you and your partner go through your collection of images from magazines and design books with different colored post-it notes representing the different personalities that will live in the home so we can understand your taste and try to fit the home to your family. We will ask you to develop lists of the types of spaces and activities you will want the home to accommodate. (Encourage your children to pick a post-it note color and express their thoughts and feelings about the design process if appropriate, best to get them on board and enthusiastic from the start.)

We don't have the capability or desire to work with everyone who calls us. So the first interview is mutual, we want to see if the kind of house you want is one we will be particularly good at designing for you. We also want to be sure that we all communicate well with each other and that we will be able to meet your desires and expectations. We are part of a community of builders and designers and if we feel that your project is better suited to one of our colleagues we will be very up front in telling you and will even give you their phone number.

During the preliminary design consultation proces we bill for our time at $80/hour and work as efficiently as possible to arrive at a preliminary design that expresses in a simple fashion the essence of what our design for you will look like. As we get close to this preliminary design we will also prepare a preliminary estimate to give you an accurate idea of how much it will cost to build. Beginning the work on an hourly basis gives you an escape hatch, to be able to pay for the work done to date and walk away from the relationship if you are in any way uncomfortable. Our goal is to earn your trust and confidence and convert you from an hourly "consulting client" to a fixed price "working drawings client" and eventually to an "enthusiastically satisfied customer".

Once we have a design you love that works with your budget we will present you with a fixed price design budget, usually based on 4% of the construction budget for new construction and per anticipated complexity for remodel projects. This is inclusive of all the time previously spent developing the preliminary drawings and budget as well as of the time preparing the specifications and construction bids and building permits. Once you sign the preliminary drawings and budget you will pay a 50% down payment and we will immediately begin to draw up the working drawings. The balance is due when the completed documents are delivered. generally working drawings and selections take about one or two months to prepare. Preliminary drawings can take anywhere from two weeks to six months.

Our process is designed to minimize stress by keeping you from feeling out of control. These are momentous decisions you will be wrestling with. For most people this is the biggest investment you will make in your life. The process can be very stressful on your relationship as well. We want you to feel that you can stop the process at specific points and step back if you need to. In general, we feel that transparent and clean communication should be everybody's goal. We want you to walk away from every interaction with us feeling glad that you chose us to be your designer.

The Construction Process

Chandler Design-Build no longer contracts home construction and is now in the design and construction management business exclusively. We will work with you to select your builder and be your advocate in specifying products and systems that will result in a well-built house constructed at the best value for the budget you can afford. We are also available to inspect the work in progress and help with building systems / cost issues on an hourly basis. Any advocacy on your behalf or changes in the plans required to obtain a building permit will be provided on an hourly basis.

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